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Mindful Magic Playing Cards

Mindful Magic Playing Cards

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Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are like a magic 8 ball... for your heart! Great for games, meditation, inspiration, and philosophy. They are cards for your heart and soul. 

Indigo Skylab proudly presents Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards, the remarkable new product that is so simple yet so effective.

  • Use them to play any card game you already know and love!
  • Enjoy a moment of Zen by shuffling the deck and choosing 1, 3, or 5 cards for guidance.
  • Practice wellness and self-care by using any of the 52 unique, uplifting messages. 
  • Elevate your game night, spark deep conversations, and develop your intuition!
  • Use daily in the year ahead and it costs just 11c per day. 

Use the cards to make a meaningful difference in your life and for others. This is that thing you need that you didn't know you needed.

"Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards belong on every desk in America." - Nancy K., HR Manager, Transportation Company 

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards make a great gift! The uplifting messages connect directly with your heart. They are insightful without dogma - a meaningful way to provide relief from screen fatigue and are perfect for working professionals, college students, and families alike. Give yourself a loving boost for your day and help someone else. 

"I've had 5 therapists in the past 12 years and these 4 cards summed up my life and exactly where I'm at right now in less than 1 minute! They are definitely going to make a difference in my life." - A. Halsey

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards

Cards For Humankind™

There is only one place on the planet to buy Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards and you found it!

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