Hi, I'm Chris. I'm the creator of Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards and founder of Indigo Skylab. I like the idea of activating my heart to give it a voice in all that I do. So, you might hear me talking about it a lot. 

Years before the pandemic, I set out to create a product that could be both simple yet profound... something that could be used by me and others as inspiration to ride the waves of the ups and downs throughout life - something that could cut to the heart of any issue, and to nurture it, with equanimity. 

Chris in Sequoia National Park in 2016 two months before creating the first prototype. 

I looked to my own heart, called upon a higher power, connected with my inner child, and gave myself permission to dive into the depths of my unexplored soul. The messages I’ve included in Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are some of what I discovered and I’m so happy to be sharing them with you.

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards (Deluxe Edition Back)

There seems to be no shortage of need for more of us to practice looking within our hearts to see the loving essence, to honor the presence of love.

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are like any other deck of cards. You can use them to play card games you already know and love. In fact, while playing a card game at a coffee shop with my best friend, we were laughing so much a man came up to us and said, "Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity." It was quite a moment.  

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are unlike any other deck of cards. Each card features a unique stem sentence that has been thoughtfully chosen for its ability to cut to the heart of any issue and facilitate conversations that may not be possible otherwise. By design, the stem sentences can be used for a variety of heart-activating experiences. See for yourself!

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are cards for your heart and soul. 

Games. Meditation. Inspiration. Philosophy.

Business Partnerships

For partnership inquiries with brands, celebrities, and influencers, as well as community, non-profit, and government agencies, please feel free to reach out.

Indigo Skylab is a certified LGBTE supplier with the NGLCC, member of LAGLCC, part of the StartOut Founder's Program, and receiving ongoing support from the City of Los Angeles and the JP Morgan Chase Diverse Founders Coaching Program.