Mindful Magic Playing Cards

Who do you know who likes to journal, play games, meditate or contemplate the meaning of life?

Journal - Use the uplifting messages as ideas for journal prompts.

Play games - Add a touch of wonder to games you already know and love.

Meditate - Enhance your daily practice or start one!

Contemplate - Add "what if" to any message for some gentle exploration into the heart of any matter.

Indigo Skylab proudly presents Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards.

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are a set of delightful ideas for your heart and soul, born from the leading edge of kindness.

Take them anywhere. Where might they take you?

Enjoy 52 uplifting, insightful messages thoughtfully merged with traditional deck of playing cards. Includes 3 wild cards for games that need them. Great for 1-4 players, or more!

Need a great gift idea? Give the gift of kindness with Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards.

  • Stocking Stuffer
  • Travel Friendly
  • Pocket-Size
  • Perfect for a Desk
  • Journal Prompts
  • Games
  • Meditation
  • Inspiration
  • Philosophy

Kindness in Every Deck

Keep Your Heart Open. There seems to be no shortage of need for more of us to practice looking within our hearts.

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are like any other deck of cards.

You can use them to play card games you already know and love. In fact, while playing a card game at a coffee shop with my best friend, we were laughing so much a man came up to us and said, "Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity." It was quite a moment.  

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are unlike any other deck of cards.

Each card features a unique stem sentence that has been thoughtfully chosen for its ability to cut to the heart of any issue and facilitate conversations that may not be possible otherwise. By design, the stem sentences can be used for a variety of heart-activating experiences. See for yourself!

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Deluxe Edition

55 Cards. Infinite Possibilities.

13 Hearts A2345678910JQK

13 Diamonds A2345678910JQK

13 Clubs A2345678910JQK

13 Spades A2345678910JQK

1 Wild Card: Illumination

1 Wild Card: Reflection

1 Bonus Card: Shine On

You are buying our Deluxe Edition of Mindful Magic Playing Cards, which comes standard with 55 cards total.

For information about partnerships to create your own branded Special Edition, please visit our FAQs.

What if...

I choose acts of kindness?


Mindful Magic Playing Cards let you add a touch of wonder to games you already know and love.


Add cards to your daily meditation practice. Don't meditate? This is a great place to start! Om.


Inspire yourself... and others. Plus, great for journal prompts. These are so much more than a deck of cards.


Mindful Magic Playing Cards allow you to practice using a heartfelt philosophy as an approach to your day.

Add "what if" to any message.

What if I add love on the planet today?


How does it work?

They are the easiest way to find your heart. Calling them just 'Mindful Playing Cards' didn't feel quite right... These are Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards. The "magic" refers to any moment we move our awareness from our mind into our heart.

  • Games - Play card games you already know and love. In fact, you don't even have to focus on the messages. Just play cards games and the messages naturally fade into the background.
  • Meditation - Add uplifting messages into your daily meditation practice. Don't meditate? This is a perfect way to start! Add "I am" in front of any message to create your own affirmations.
  • Inspiration - Use for journal prompts and for guidance to inspire yourself and others!
  • Philosophy - Add "what if" in front of any message to practice using a heartfelt philosophy as a way of being.

Have you discovered or invented your own ways to enjoy Mindful Magic Playing Cards? Let us know on social media!

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How many people can play and how long does it take?

Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are great for a variety of uses for 1 to 10 people and even larger groups. Using the cards can be as quick as 30 seconds or you could spend hours enjoying them. It's up to you!

1 person

  • Shuffle and pull a card for a heartfelt perspective with a specific challenge.
  • Shuffle and pull a few cards to use as journal prompts.
  • Keep by your bed, in your pocket or at your desk for guidance throughout your day.
  • Play solitaire card game.
  • Add to your novelty card deck collection.
  • Add a card to your fitness routine and yoga practice. Pull a card before your workout but don't look at it until after you are done!

2 people

  • Play card games you already know and love.
  • Start your day by shuffling and each pulling a card.
  • Use for icebreakers.
  • Use to add an insightful and fun perspective on a date.

3-10 people

  • Family members can each pull a card before a meal and wait until after everyone is done to see which card they pulled and decide if they want to talk about anything from the heart.
  • Small groups of family and friends can shuffle and each pull a card without looking at it, place it on your forehead so only your friends can see, and then read each others cards to one another.

Groups of 20-30 people

  • Employee resource groups can discover a variety of ways to create meaningful experiences for their internal teams - a shared intention is all that is needed.
  • Yoga classes can enjoy the cards when the yoga teacher shuffles the deck and any student who wants to participate can pull a card and place near their yoga mat to add insight into their yoga practice for the session.

Large Groups of 100 to 1000 or more people

  • Festivals
  • Special Events
  • Entire stadiums full of fans!
  • As a gift for your entire company (ideas include holiday gift, wellness gift, mental health awareness month gift, world kindness day gift, and more)

When will my order ship?

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Mindful Magic™ Playing Cards are currently only available in English but are in the process of being translated into Spanish and Sanskrit. Both new translations will be available for purchase in 2024.

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